Timberland PRO® High Rebound Cushion Insoles

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* Timberland Insole:

Is it time for an upgrade in performance and comfort?  Tom recommends Timberland PRO® insoles.

Sizing: XS fits women's shoe size 5/6, S fits women's size 7/8 and men's size 6/7, M fits women's size 9/10 and men's size 8/9, L fits women's size 11/12 and men's size 10/11, XL fits men's size 12/13, XXL fits men's size 14/15

  • Anatomically-contoured footbed
  • Dynamic arch design
  • Outlast® top cover provides temperature regulation and antimicrobial odor control
  • Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent, and let air-dry

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