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Custom Made With Pride ( hand made to order, not an off the shelf item in the UNITED STATES!   **Tom's Suggestions**   If you wear a Pancake Hood, try a 46 frame or smaller.  If you wear a Regular Hood, try a 48 frame or larger!

glasses are made to order, not a off the rack item.

With these great Tom Waters Pipeline Special prices, why not get 2 pair while you're at it?

**Please Note: If choosing vision correcting styles, we must have a copy of your current Prescription faxed, mailed or e-mailed with a scanned copy attached before we are able to place this order.  When sending, please make note of your name and contact information.  You may also take a picture and text message it in, please call 1-225-927-2699 for cell number to text it to.also  some prescriptions call for prisim or strong astigmatisim and will have extra charges.

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